The Corporate Huddle™ is an organization that strategically introduces and integrates prominent business executives with current and former former professional athletes, to collaborate and learn from each other's success on the playing field and in the corporate world. The Huddle implements this model through a member network of professional organizations that are committed to helping athletes increase their corporate contacts and elevate their business profiles.

The Huddle operates its programs and events through its Washington, D.C. Chapter, to expand current and former professional athletes' business exposure and advanced education, with direct access to business leaders. In turn, member companies have a meaningful connection to the athletes who share their unique life experiences on and off the playing field, to collaborate on common values of leadership, discipline and focus for the benefit of members and their employees. The Corporate Huddle includes individuals from the NFL, MLB, NBA and LPGA.

The Corporate Huddle is funded by its corporate Network members. Members' financial contributions facilitate scheduled programs and events, and fund an Education Scholarship Fund, and Job Training and Internship Program to support Athletes' growth. In turn, the athletes dedicate their time and efforts by sharing their inspirational life experiences with Network members and their teams, which have many attributes in common with important tools for leadership and success in the business world.



APRIL 2017
Tiffany Faucette & Seth Berenzweig

On April 12, former WPGA pro, and current Corporate Huddle member, Tiffany Faucette introduced the Huddle to her new product, the Impact Improver, and her book, Fighting Golf: Flow with Force & Fly! Created as a "Shark Tank" type of presentation, Tiffany wowed the Huddle membership with her inventive products and sound business plan.

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Bourbon & Cigars Kickoff

The Corporate Huddle had another great professional networking event at Lakewood Country Club, where the crowd was briefed on upcoming fall events and developments on the newly formed New York Chapter, while attendees enjoyed prime bourbon, cigars and excellent food.

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APRIL 2016
Cocktail Reception & Fundraiser

The Corporate Huddle recently had a standing room only event at The Cooley Art Gallery in Leesburg, Virginia. Attendees included Redskins' legends Dexter Manley, John Riggins, Charles Mann and Gary Clark. Learn more and see photos of the event





The Corporate Huddle Hosts Redskins Legend Larry Brown

The Corporate Huddle ran another great event recently at Lakewood Country Club, furthering its unique mission of connecting blue-chip CEOs with former professional athletes to provide helpful executive connections, business mentoring and corporate growth. Learn more and see photos of the event





Seth Berenzweig, Executive Director


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