Corporate Huddle028


April 12, 2017
Tiffany Faucette & Seth
Law Offices of Berenzweig Leonard
McLean, VA

On April 12, former WPGA pro, and current Corporate Huddle member, Tiffany Faucette introduced the Huddle to her new product, the Impact Improver, and her book, Fighting Golf: Flow with Force & Fly! Created as a "Shark Tank" type of presentation, Tiffany wowed the Huddle membership with her inventive products and sound business plan. During the presentation, Corporate Huddle CEO's and athletes shared their own thoughts and advice in advance of the product's rollout. Tiffany has been a loyal member of the Corporate Huddle for several years, and credits the relationships and contacts made through the Huddle as essential in the development of her products. Tiffany also cited Huddle member John Hillen, as a driving force behind the launch of her products. She said that John provided her with the confidence to take a chance on herself and to "go for it."

In addition to Tiffany's presentation, Seth Berenzweig discussed the challenges former professional athletes face in protecting and building their brand, revenue and intellectual property. Seth also presented his top tips for former professional athletes and the snares that today's professional athlete face off the field. This presentation sparked additional discussion between Huddle CEO's and athletes, as they conversed about the importance of protecting intellectual property and marketing as key drivers of market penetration.

On behalf of the Corporate Huddle, we want to extend our sincere congratulations to Tiffany as she takes the golf product world by storm. We are also looking forward to more collaborative sessions between our CEO's and athletes with the purpose of advancing business ideas and relationships.






























Seth Berenzweig, Executive Director