The Corporate Huddle Inaugural

The inaugural session of The Corporate Huddle kicked
off May 9th. The featured speaker was Redskins Super
Bowl Champion and on-air personality Rick ‘Doc’ Walker. 

Doc is flanked here by Huddle co-founder and Managing Partner Seth BerenzweigJohn Fitgerald Booty joins them in the front row, and in the back row left to right are fellow executive athletes and Huddle members Ebong Eka, Chris Harrison, Shawn Moore, Derrick Frost, David Harbour and Cedrick Lewis


Doc talked about lessons learned for bringing success from the locker room to the Board room, and he lead a dynamic discussion with group, who discussed approaches for business growth.  The group also discussed unique challenges faced by the former athletes, and explored how the Huddle can come together to help them successfully transition and grow.