The Corporate Huddle Network is comprised of member companies and executives providing key services and support to athletes during the life cycle of their career, including their professional playing years and beyond. Fundamental to the Huddle Network is the notion that athletes should not have to lose a trusted team of personal coaches once their playing days have concluded. No athlete should lack a skilled table of advisors to help continue developing important business skills and maintaining crucial networking contacts as they transition from the locker room to the Boardroom. The Corporate Huddle structure is predicated on a blue-chip Network of trusted advisors who provide advanced training, contacts and business skills to the Athlete, in a unique forum. In turn, Network members form a unique rapport and bond with the Athlete, and learn from their inspirational journey in the world of professional sports. Athletes also team with Network members to share their life journey with the company. Here is a visual depiction of the Corporate Huddle Network in action:  





Seth Berenzweig, Executive Director


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